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indict (in DIGHT) (verb), indicts; indicted; indicting
To bring a charge against; to accuse (a person) of committing a crime, as a culprit; especially, by a legal process: "As part of the court process, Dr. Samuel was indicted for medical malpractice and his license was suspended pending a full investigation."
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indict, indite
indict (in DIGHT) (verb)
To make a formal accusation against someone by the findings of a jury; especially, a grand jury: It is much easier to indict than to convict.
indite (in DIGHT), archaic or literary (verb)
To write; especially, formally: Few people now indite an epistle; instead, they scribble a note.

The judge announced that he will indite his decision as to whether he will indict the self-professed fraud artist.