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incumbency (s) (noun), incumbencies (pl)
1. The period of time during which someone occupies an official post.: Mr. Lawson, the politician, was striving to keep his incumbency.
2. An authorized position, especially in a church or a political organization: The incumbencies of the city councillors are subject to elections held every four years.
3. The holding of an office or ecclesiastical benefice: The incumbency of the church moderator has been reviewed every three years.
4. The duty which obliges a specific social course of action or decision: As a school principal, the incumbencies to ensure that the playgrounds are well supervised cannot be understated.
5. The position or term of the holder of an office or function: In the hierarchy of the organization, the incumbencies of each CEO were reviewed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.
6. The time during which a person holds a particular office or duty: Many new jobs were created during the incumbency of the chief executive officer of the company.
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