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inculcate (in KUHL kate") (verb), inculcates; inculcated; inculcating
1. To fix something firmly in person's mind by frequent and forceful repetitions: Peter's parents were inculcating him with a sense of responsibility for his behavior and his future career as a medical doctor.

The teacher's in Karen's school often inculcated their student's with a sense of responsibility for achieving the best education possible.

2. Etymology: from Latin inculcat, "pressed in"; from the verb inculcare, "to force upon, to stamp in; from in-, "in, into" + calcare, "to tread, to press in" from calx, calc-, "heel".
To impress in the mind by repetition or persistent urging.
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To teach by frequent repetitions or admonitions.
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To establish something firmly in the mind by frequent and forceful urging. (2)