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incompatibility (s) (noun), incompatibilities (pl)
1. Uncongeniality; incapability of existing together in harmony: Meg asked for a divorce because of the incompatibility in her marriage with Sam.
2. Contrariness in character; discordancy: Susan wanted to avoid an incompatibility of colors in her living room.
3. That which cannot coexist or be conjoined: Tom was aware of the incompatibility of long hours at work and his family life.
4. The quality of biological substances that interfere with one another physiologically: Dr. Smart said that, because of the incompatibility of the two types of blood, it wasn't possible to use the donors blood in the transfusion for Mrs. Long.
5. In pharmacology the incongruity of drugs in which they interfere with one another chemically or physiologically: Because of the incompatibility of the two medicines, Dr. Thompson said that they could not be mixed or prescribed together.

A little incompatibility is the spice of life, particularly if he has income and she is pattable.

—Ogden Nash
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