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exclusive, inclusive
exclusive (ik SKLOO siv) (adjective)
Concerning a restricted limited use or possession by a small group and/or individuals: The tennis court appeared to be for the exclusive use by the members of the private club.
inclusive (in KLOO sive) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of something which covers or includes everything: The bill submitted to the accountant was inclusive, not leaving out a single item.
2. Regarding something that is open to everyone; not limited to certain people: Clarice joined the inclusive club because she wanted to meet all kinds of people from various cultures.

The policy regarding the exclusive use of certain words in the newspaper was changed to make the paper seem more inclusive and reflective of the general population of the city.

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inclusive fitness
The sum of an individual's own fitness plus all the individual's influence on the fitness of relatives other than direct descendants; hence, the total effect of individual selection and kin selection.
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