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incite (verb), incites; incited; inciting
1. To stir up feelings in someone or to provoke some kind of action: During the demonstration, Mark and Mike were inciting a riot in their neighborhood, so they were arrested and charged with criminal misconduct.

The news incited widespread fear and and hatred between the two countries over the killing of the boys.

2. To urge on and to cause someone to act in an angry, harmful, or violent way: The injured victim said he didn't do anything to incite the attacker.

The two groups of rival gang members were obviously incited by their leaders to attack each other.

3. Etymology: from Middle French enciter (14th century); from Latin incitare, "to put into rapid motion, to urge, to encourage, to stimulate"; from in-, "on" + citare, "to move, to excite".
To spur on and to urge to action.
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To arouse on to a riot.
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To provoke, to spur on, or to urge someone to take some kind of action. (2)