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incipient (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to something is beginning to develop: Lucy was hoping that the incipient cold she thought she was getting would disappear soon because she was taking preventive medicine when it started to take place.
2. Concerning a person growing into a specified position: Jack’s experience with young children in his past was of great value as an incipient teacher in the lower grades of elementary school.
Referring to something that is just beginning to appear or to come into existence.
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Resembling a condition which is in its initial stage or just commencing.
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incipient, insipient
incipient (in SIP ee uhnt) (adjective)
Relating to something which is beginning to exist or to appear: It seems as if there is an onset or an incipient personnel problem.

The project is still in its incipient or in its initial stages.

insipient (in SIP ee uhnt) (adjective)
Lacking in wisdom; foolish: Keith's insipient decisions were absolutely unacceptable.

Another insipient politician was more than the voters were willing to accept.

Politicians suddenly become incipient when it is election time and they too often become insipient when they make speeches.