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incidence, incidents
incidence (IN si duhns) (noun)
The scope or extent of an occurrence or influence of something: The incidence of measles in the village was high.
incidents (IN si duhnts) (noun)
1. Behaviors likely to lead to serious consequences: There were several incidents of the mayor undermining the union during the strike that made the union members very angry.
2. Several happenings or events as a result of or in connection with something more important: Mollie remembered the happy incidents of her childhood when she went to the beaches and got sunburned.

The principal talked to the students about several incidents of roudy behavior on the playground. He told them that any increase in incidence of these activities could result in the cancellation of any more sports events.

incident (s) (noun), incidents (pl)
An event or happening, often seen as unique: The isolated incident of Sam's cheating on the examination astonished his tutor and embarrassed his parents because he subsequently failed the class.
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