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Inceptisol, Inceptisols
1. A form of soil in which adequate water is available to start the development of horizons (soil layers with different physical, chemical, and biologic characteristics), but the soils have not reached an equilibrium with their environments; in other words, soils with weakly developed subsurface horizons.

Inceptisols are found on steeper slopes; such as, those in the Appalachians, where mass wasting is common and cold temperatures freeze soil water, thus slowing pedogenic processes (origin, formation, and development of soil) , and on floodplains with frequent deposits of sediments.

Inceptisols are divided into seven suborders: Aquepts, Anthrepts, Gelepts, Cryepts, Ustepts, Xerepts, and Udepts and are defined individually in this unit.

2. From the U.S. Soil Taxonomy soil-order classification system.
3. Etymology: from Latin inceptum, "beginning".
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