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encapsulation; incapsulation is a less common spelling
1. The act or process of enclosing or being enclosed within a sheath not normal to the part.
2. The growth of a membrane around (any part) so as to enclose it in a capsule.
3. Formation of a capsule or a sheath around a structure.
4. Computer science, the ability to provide computer users with a well-defined interface to a set of functions in a way which hides their internal workings.
5. Computer science, a method of making a software system modular by creating well-defined interface routines that deal with a particular kind of data and allowing other programs to access the data only through those routines; the interface routines encapsulate the data.
6. Photovoltaic or the production of electric power from electromagnetic radiation, involving a method by which photovoltaic cells are protected from the environment, typically by being laminated between a glass superstrate (covering on the sun side of a photovoltaic module) and an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) substrate (physical support material on which an integrated circuit is constructed).

Photovoltaic cells are single semiconducting elements of small size that absorb light or other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum and emit electricity.

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