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incantation (s) (noun), incantations (pl)
1. A ritual recitation, or chanting, of words or sounds believed to have magical effects: The girls were whispering incantations as they moved in circles, hoping to have visions of their future husbands!
2. A set of words spoken or chanted as a supposedly magic spell: The preacher was trying to produce a miracle by using incantations.
3. Etymology: from about 1390, which came from Old French incantation, from Latin incantationem, incantatio, "art of enchanting"; from incantus, past participle of incantare, "to bewitch, to charm"; literally, "to sing spells".
The use of verbal charms to produce a magical result.
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The chanting of words that have superficial powers.
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The spoken words to produce results.
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