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incandescent (adjective), more incandescent, most incandescent
1. Descriptive of bright, and glowing with light or heat.
2. Relating to something that is shining brilliantly.
. 3. Characterized by ardent emotion, intensity, or brilliance: The singer had an incandescent performance.
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Very bright, glowing with light or heat.

"In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison is given credit for having invented the incandescent electric bulb."

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incandescent lamp
A glass enclosure in which light is produced when a tungsten filament is electrically heated so that it glows.

Much of the energy is converted into heat; therefore, this class of lamp is a relatively inefficient source of light.

Included in this category are the familiar screw-in light bulbs, as well as somewhat more efficient lamps, such as tungsten halogen lamps, reflector or r-lamps, parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamps, and ellipsoidal reflector (ER) lamps.

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