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inane (in AYN) (adjective); inaner, more inane; inanest, most inane
1. Lacking in sense; empty-headed; vapid: Because of his nonsensical behavior, Hank was considered to be an inane person.
2. Empty of meaning; pointless; foolish: The senatorial candidate's inane remarks during her political speeches resulted in her defeat at the polls.
3. Characteristic of being unthinking, unintelligent, ridiculous, etc.: Suggesting that people don't need a university or college degree to prepare them for better paying jobs is the inanest thing that Irene had ever read in the newspaper.

There is no doubt in Janet's thinking that the mayor who was caught taking drugs, and denying it, is the most inane person that she has ever heard about.

4. Etymology: from 1819, "silly, empty-headed"; earlier in 1662, "empty", a back-formation of inanity, "emptiness, hollowness"; later, in 1753, "silliness", from French inanité; which came from Latin inanitatem, "emptiness", from inanis, "empty, void, useless, worthless".
  • foolish, senseless, vapid, silly, absurd, vacuous, void of intelligence, shallow, pointless, asinine, nonsensical, empty, ridiculous.
  • unthinking, unintelligent.
  • stupid, idiotic, meaningless, fatuous.
Empty; especially, void of sense or significance.
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Lacking in substance or substance.
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