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(Latin: before, in front of, prior to, forward; used as a prefix)
(Latin: before, in front of; fore, prior, preceding; used as a prefix)
(Greek > Latin: a prefix signifying before; forward, forth; for, in favor of; in front of; in place of, on behalf of; according to; as, to place before; to go before or forward, to throw forward)
(Greek: one who stands before, in front of; refers primarily to the prostate gland [so named because it "stands before" the mouth of the bladder])
(confusion exists about usage of "a" and "an" in front of other words)
(Old English, Middle English: in, into; within; toward; a prefix used in front of English words, not Latin or Greek elements; as in the words, indoors and inland)
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pro-, a prefix used in front of a noun
In favor of or supporting something or someone; often used with a hyphen: A few examples of pro- include the following: pro-life, pro-American, pro-European, etc.
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