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impunity (s) (noun), impunties (pl)
1. An exemption from punishment, harm, or recrimination as a result of one's actions or words: In some countries, impunity seems to give some people the license to commit grave crimes.
2. Freedom from any risk of retribution for doing something wrong or bad: Impunity applies to someone who is given the right to say or do something that others would not have privilege to do.
3. Etymology: from the 1530's which came from Latin impunitatem, impunitas, "freedom from punishment, omission of punishment"; from impunis, "unpunished, without punishment"; from in-, "not" + poena, "punishment".

The root word punity, has the same origin as "punished". When the negative im-, "not" is added, then impunity has the meaning of "not being punished" for what someone says or does.

Freedom from punishment for breaking the rules.
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