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extemporaneous, impromptu
extemporaneous (ik stem" puh RAY nee uhs) (adjective)
1. Regarding an action which is carried out or performed with little or no preparation: The politician made an extemporaneous speech at the local college.
2. Prepared in advance but delivered without notes or text: The newswoman presented an extemporaneous report about her recent experiences in China.
impromptu (im PROMP too, im PROMP tyoo) (adjective)
1. Concerning a spontaneous occasion rather than being planned in advance: When two of Sandra's former classmates dropped by unexpectedly, her sister had an little impromptu party.
2. Spoken, performed, done, or composed with little or no chance of preparation: The teacher gave an impromptu lecture about honor and responsibility.

Donald decided to have an impromptu picnic down by the river. While he and his friends were enjoying themselves, his friend got up and delivered an extemporaneous speech about their friendships.

impromptu (adjective) (no comparables)
Relating to something that is done without any previous preparations, rehearsals or planning: Karen's guest, Tom, delivered an impromptu speech at her birthday party.
Descriptive of a statement that is made offhand.
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