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impound (verb), impounds; impounded; impounding
1. To lock something; such as, an illegally parked car in an enclosure or an area that is surrounded by a wall or a fence: The law enforcement agent, Mr. Gregory, impounded the vehicle that had been used as the getaway car in a robbery.
2. To take goods or possessions into official custody: The constable had to impound the evidence for the trial.

The officer impounded the stolen artwork which was to be held until the trial was finished.

3. To withhold something by legal means; especially, funds that the law requires to be spent: The governor, Mr. Thompson, impounded funds that were designated to be used by cities.
4. To shut up or to confine in a safe, secure location; such as, an animal: The dog, Jet, was dangerous and so it had to be impounded after it attacked a little boy.