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imposture (s) (noun), impostures (pl)
1. The act of pretending to be somebody else in order to trick people, or an occasion on which this is done: Mr. Hick attempted an imposture by pretending to be a railroad employee so he could board the train without paying.
2. The act or instance of engaging in deception under an assumed name or identity: In many countries, dressing up for Halloween is an occasion of imposture; that is, wearing masks and costumes so they can hide their identities.
3. The action or practice of imposing fraudulently upon others: Thomas, Jane and Timothy, the clerks at the bank, noticed the imposture of the unusual deposit and so they called the police.
4. Deception practiced under a false or assumed character: The unemployed man, Mr. Jackson, became an imposture when he tried to buy a car based on his claim to the salesperson that he had a regular job.
Deception, fraud, trickery.
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A form of deception, under an assumed name or identity, in order to trick people and to gain money. (1)