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impostor, imposture
impostor (im PAHS tuhr) (noun)
A pretender or someone who engages in deception under an assumed name or identity: The prime minister revealed that his assistant was an impostor, trying to find out secrets in the prime minister’s office.
imposture (im PAHS chuhr) (noun)
Deception by fraudulent impersonation or an instance of deception under an assumed name or identity: The history of crime contains many an incredible imposture.

The imposture by the infamous impostor struck at the heart of the national government, threatening its very existence.

imposture (s) (noun), impostures (pl)
1. The act of pretending to be somebody else in order to trick people, or an occasion on which this is done: Mr. Hick attempted an imposture by pretending to be a railroad employee so he could board the train without paying.
2. The act or instance of engaging in deception under an assumed name or identity: In many countries, dressing up for Halloween is an occasion of imposture; that is, wearing masks and costumes so they can hide their identities.
3. The action or practice of imposing fraudulently upon others: Thomas, Jane and Timothy, the clerks at the bank, noticed the imposture of the unusual deposit and so they called the police.
4. Deception practiced under a false or assumed character: The unemployed man, Mr. Jackson, became an imposture when he tried to buy a car based on his claim to the salesperson that he had a regular job.
Deception, fraud, trickery.
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A form of deception, under an assumed name or identity, in order to trick people and to gain money. (1)