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important (adjective), more important, most important
Characterized by being of essential value or power: It was very important for Marie to be on time because she had an important assignment to complete.
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(Latin: weighty, important, grave [from French sérieux (feminine sériuse), from Late Latin seriosus, from earlier Latin serius])
(scribe tools and symbols of one of the most important occupations of ancient Egyptian times)
(an important symbol for many people)
(Part 2 of 4: "The Ballad of Salvation Bill" by Robert Service was based on experiences he had with a compulsive smoker who just had to smoke because smoking was so important in his life)
(without dung beetles, the earth would be one big sphere of dung)
(the Venerable Bede made important contributions to the English language via Latin)
(Greek: derived from an ancient villiage in Greece, northeast of Athens; as a result of an important Greek victory over the Persians in 490 B.C.)
(Latin: self-important, pretentious, inflated ego)
(scribe tools and symbols of one of the most important occupations of ancient Egyptian times)
(the most important trait to cultivate if you are always punctual)
(a situation where the IQ is not as important as the I will)
(units that should be seen because of their important content, illustrations, quizzes, and links to any additional related information)
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Biometrics: Important Role in Physical Access Control
A biometric tool that is important for physical-access control.
(here are 14 important words with elements from Latin and Greek sources)
(just a few of the many important words with several applications in common practice and referring to special technical and scientific operations)
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Dung Beetles Important to Pasture Ecosystems
Without dung beetles, the earth would be a ball of dung unit.