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1. The fact of impeding or condition of being impeded; hindrance, obstruction; or something that impedes, hinders, or obstructs; a hindrance, an obstruction.
2. Something that impedes the functions or health of the body; a (physical) defect; an affection or malady.
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obstacle, impediment
obstacle (AHB stuh kuhl) (noun)
An obstruction standing in the way of achievement or progress: The rainy weather is an obstacle to George's camping trip.

The route for the race was well planned with one major obstacle about half way through the course.

Being short was never an obstacle to Jerry's success as a singer.

impediment (im PED uh muhnt) (noun)
That which is a hindrance or a bar to the successful achievement of something: Andrew's sprained ankle should not be an impediment to his attending the ceremonies at school.

Karin worked hard to overcome the impediment of a lisp in her speech.

Bonita figured the mountain was just another impediment. She was determined that there would be no obstacle to her summer hiking vacation.