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impassable, impassible, impossible
impassable (im PAS uh buhl) (adjective)
Pertaining to something which is unable to be traveled or overcome: The severe snowstorm made the roads in the mountains impassable.
impassible (im PAS i buhl) (adjective)
Characterized as being incapable of feelings; immune to pain or suffering: Tamika's face was a masque, impassible to the suffering around her.
impossible (im PAHS i buhl) (adjective)
Unacceptable, awkward, incapable of happening: Up to 1969, it was believed that it was impossible to fly to the moon.

It was impossible to read Eric's impassible expression at the news of the efforts of his friends to cross the impassable mountain pass during the winter.

impassible (adjective), more impassible, most impassible
1. Descriptive of someone who is incapable of suffering or pain: After hearing the very sad news of the accident, Meg was so stunned and shocked that she was quite impassible and didn't feel anything.
2. Concerning a person who is not touched or moved to passion or sympathy: Jack's sister Jill was in an impassible state of mind when she found out that her mother was involved with another man.
4. Relating to an individual who is unfeeling or not showing feeling; impassive: At the funeral James was quite impassible because he didn't know the person who had passed away.
5. Pertaining to a person who is not susceptible to, or not capable of feeling physical pain or injury; sensationless: When Ruth broke her arm, she was impassible for a moment or two because she didn't feel any throbbing or shooting pain at all!
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