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emanate, eminent, immanent, immediate, imminent
emanate (EM uh nayt") (verb)
To come forth, as from a certain source: The smoke did indeed emanate from the distant chimney.
eminent (EM uh nuhnt) (adjective)
1. Well-known, prominent, renowned: The doctor was an eminent surgeon in the local hospital.
2. Descriptive of something rising above other things or places: The snow-capped mountain was eminent among the other low hills.
immanent (IM uh nuhnt) (adjective)
1. Characterised by living, remaining, or operating within; inherent: Greta demonstrated immanent good sense in her dress and behavior.
2. Present throughout the universe, said of God: Transcendent, immanent, and indwelling the universe, time, etc.; or God as immanent and existing in and extending into all parts of the created universe.
3. Concerning a thought or an activity which occurs within the mind: Thinking or daydreaming is an immanent activity.
4. Pertaining to qualities or characteristics which are common throughout life: Self-preservation is an immanent characteristic of most mammals.
immediate (i MEE dee it) (adjective)
1. Referring to something which happens or is accomplished with a minimum of time or distance: The clap of thunder was immediate after the flash of lightening.
2. Concerning something which should happen without disruption or delay: The telegram asked for an immediate answer.
3. Descriptive of one's position in relation to others; next in line: Stefan was Luisa's most immediate, or closest, relative.
imminent (IM uh nuhnt) (adjective)
1. Relating to something which could happen without delay or at any moment; near at hand: Judging by the gray clouds in the sky, a thunderstorm is imminent.
2. Immediate, ready to happen without further notice: Leaping onto the subway tracks places a person in imminent danger and is a foolish thing to do.

The imminent arrival of the eminent performer seemed inevitable.

Suddenly, there was a cheer which did emanate from the crowd waiting at the station; however, it was difficult to determine what the immediate cause of the cheering was.

The performer arrived, as always exuding immanent courtesy and charm.

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imminent at any moment *
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imminent (adjective), more imminent, most imminent
Descriptive of something that is about to happen, to occur, or to take place very soon; especially, of anything which won't last very long: Doris and Jacob are expecting the imminent arrival of friends for their wedding anniversary.
Something is said to happen immediately.
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A reference to that which will occur without delay.
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Relating to an occurrence that will take place very soon.
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