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immersion (i MUHR zhuhn) (s), immersions (pl) (nouns)
1. An involvement in something that completely occupies all of one's time, energy, or concentration: Gerald was in an immersion regarding an important project at work that had to be done in a short time.

Tom and his colleagues have been in an immersion of scientific research about the bad water that has been distributed by the local government and causing many people to become very sick.

2. A method of teaching a language that involves the instructor and the students using the foreign language all the time: Greg and his classmates were in a series of immersions everytime they were together while they were learning French.
3. The dipping of something into a liquid so it is completely covered or below the surface: When Clara's grandmother washed clothes, at a time before washing machines were available, she used the system of immersions by putting them into and out of the soapy water and again to rinse them in clean water.

Little Sammy was using an immersion, or plunging, of a toy duck into his tub while he was taking his bath.

When Frank went deep-sea diving, he obviously was experiencing total immersions underwater.

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