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imbrue, imbrues, imbruing, imbrued; embrue
1. To wet or to moisten; to soak; to drench in a fluid, chiefly in blood.
2. To saturate or to stain.
3. to impregnate or to imbue: "My parents said we were imbrued with the follies of our youth."
4. Etymology: from Middle English embrowen, embrewen, from Old French embevrer, embreuver, "to give to drink, to moisten", from Vulgar Latin imbiberare, "to give to drink".
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imbrue, imbue
imbrue, embrue (im BROO) (verb)
To discolor or to stain: The weaver used walnut skins to create the dark brown dye with which to imbrue the yarns he was using.
imbue (im BYOO) (verb)
To influence in a permanent fashion: The teacher's new ideas seemed to imbue the students with a keen enthusiasm for their work.

The designer tried to imbue the style of upholstery available in the stores by deciding to imbrue the fabric with multiple hues of green.