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illustrious (adjective), more illustrious, most illustrious
1. Relating to being extremely celebrated, well-known or eminent because of past achievements; prestigious and deservedly famous: Helen had a very illustrious career on stage as an actress before going to Hollywood to star in several films.
2. A reference to possessing glory or recognition by reason of a high birth or a rank or because of some distinguished action or qualities: The illustrious crowd went to the opening day at the Ascot Races where the women were wearing fancy hats.
A characteristic skill.
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Conveying an unusual talent.
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(Greek: manifest; show, appear, make appear, make visible, display; visible; to show through, to shine through; illustrious)
(Latin: to shine, shining; to gleam, to glisten; illustrious; bright; brilliant, brilliance; magnificent, sumptuous)