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ileum, ilium
ileum (IL ee uhm) (noun)
Division of the small intestine: Ileitis is an inflammation of the ileum.
ilium (IL ee uhm) (noun)
One of the bones composing the pelvis: A fracture of the ilium can be very slow to heal.

When Bradley fell, he fractured his ilium. That was painful but his discomfort was compounded by the simultaneous inflammation of his ileum.

1. The broad, upper portion of either hipbone.
2. The upper part of the bony pelvis which forms the receptacle for the head of the femur at the hip joint.
3. The uppermost and widest of the three bones constituting either of the lateral halves of the pelvis; also called: iliac bone.

This ilium should not be confused with the ileum which refers to the "intestine" or the "colon".

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