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idle, idle, idol, idyll, idyllic
idle (IGHD'l) (adjective)
1. Describing something which is inactive, not working, or not being used: Too many factories have been idle during these last months.
2. Pertaining to a person who is unemployed; unoccupied; redundant: So many people have become idle because they can't find jobs.
idle (IGHD'l) (verb)
To pass one’s time without working or having something to do: Because of the bad economy, thousands will have to idle their time away because they don't have jobs.
idol (IGHD'l) (noun)
1. An object or picture that is worshiped as a god: The idol in the temple had many visitors who were present to worship it.
2. Someone who is greatly loved or admired: Lenora was an actress who was the idol of thousands of people.
idyll, idyl (IGHD'l) (noun)
1. A work of art, including writing, that includes rustic or rural life: Samuel wrote an idyll about his childhood on his father's farm in the country.
2. A narrative poem about an epic or romantic theme: Tennyson's Idylls of the King is considered by some to be the most famous idyll in English.
3. A scene or event of a simple and tranquil nature: Trish recalls living a pastoral idyll as a child.
idyllic (igh DIL ik) (adjective)
Very peaceful, happy, and enjoyable: The brothers recalled the joy of having idyllic childhood memories of growing up together.

The neighbors talked about the pleasures they had during their idyllic vacation in the country last year.

Luck is the idol of the idle who have written about their idyll days away from cities and lived in idyllic conditions.

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(Greek: argus, neutral, inactive, idle, inert; gas)
(Latin: leisure, at leisure; at ease; idle)
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