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idiosyncrasy (s) (noun), idiosyncrasies (pl)
1. A way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is peculiar to an individual or group; especially, an odd or unusual one; also, a distinctive characteristic of an object or a thing: The old printer that Joan has at home has a specific idiosyncrasy in that it growls loudly while it's printing!
2. In pharmacology, an abnormal reaction to a drug or food, sometimes specified as genetically determined, but not caused by an allergy: Gregory’s idiosyncrasy was obvious as was shown by his hypersensitiveness to drinking only one glass of wine in the evening after having one aspirin earlier in the day, because he became quite tipsy and talkative.
3. The mental constitution peculiar to a person or class of people; an individual bent of mind or inclination; a view or feeling, a liking or aversion, peculiar to a single person, race, or nation: The idiosyncrasy that Alfred had of bowing and kissing the hand of the ladies he met at the party was very peculiar, or strange, since this is not a custom in these present times.
A peculiarity of an individual.
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A special mental or physical oddity that someone has.
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