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e.g. (Latin), exempli gratia; i.e. (Latin), id est
e.g. (ig zem" plee GRAY shee uh; ek SEM plee GRAT tee a") (abbreviation, noun)
It means "for example": Many of the products in our stores are imported from many countries, e.g. Germany, Japan, and China.
i.e. (id est) (abbreviation, noun)
This abbreviation stands for "that is" and is used to introduce something that explains a preceding statement more fully or exactly: The medicine needs to be taken for a short period of time; i.e., three to five days.

When the teacher was correcting her students' essays, she noticed that they frequently confused e.g. as in exempli gratia, "for example" with i.e. from id est, "that is", which suggests "a clear explanation is to follow".

id est; i.e.
That is [to say].

Introduces a definition. Use i.e. only when rephrasing a statement to make it more understandable. The most frequent mistake made by people who don't really know what i.e. means leads to confusion between i.e. and e.g.; the abbreviation of exempli gratia, "for example".

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i.e., id est
that is
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