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hypothesis (s) (noun), hypotheses (pl)
1. A tentative theory about the natural world; an idea that is not yet verified, but which, if true, would explain certain facts about what is going on: In order to solve the problem regarding the scientific hypothesis in their physics book, the students had to do experimental testing in order to prove it a theory.
2. An assumption intended to account for certain observations or facts: It was only a hypothesis that the cat ate the meat intended for the family's dinner because nobody else was at home during that time!
3. A speculation stating a view founded on insufficient evidence: Mrs. Smart supposed or guessed that Bruce copied from his neighbor's test, which was only a hypothesis, because it could have easily been the other way around!
4. Etymology: from Middle French hypothese, from Late Latin hypothesis, from Greek hypothesis, "base, basis of an argument, supposition". Literally, "a placing under", from hypo-, "under" + thesis, "a placing, proposition".
A theory or explanation to explain certain information.
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