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hypoesthesia (s) (noun), hypoesthesias (pl)
An abnormally low sensitivity to stimuli: Roger’s hypoesthesia was especially noticeable in his auditory abilities.
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acoustic hypoesthesia (s) (noun), acoustic hypoesthesias (pl)
A partial loss of hearing or a reduced sensitivity to sounds: Mr. Smith, the lawyer, found that the acoustic hypoesthesia which Shirley experienced created difficulty in the courtroom when she needed to hear everything that was said.
auditory hypoesthesia (s) (noun), auditory hypoesthesias (pl)
The partial loss of hearing: The auditory hypoesthesia which Jack experienced was caused by the prolonged exposure to the sound of the jack hammer which he used for work.
tactile hypoesthesia (s) (noun), tactile hypoesthesias (pl)
A reduced perception of touch: Mindy was experiencing tactile hypoesthesia or numbness in her feet after the operation on her cracked vertebrae.