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hypercritical, hypocritical
hypercritical (high" puhr KRIT i kuhl) (adjective)
Carping, judgmental, unfair to an excessive degree: A hypercritical parent or teacher can discourage a child from trying to improve.
hypocritical (hip" uh KRIT i kuhl) (adjective)
Concerning a person who pretends to have certain beliefs about what is proper or right, but practices the opposite or contrary behavior of those beliefs: A hypocritical teacher demands respect from students, but he or she does not show respect for them.

It would be hypocritical if a teacher overlooked the serious errors in his or her student’s homework, but it would be hypercritical if that instructor criticized other teachers for being too loose with their grading systems.

hypocritical (adjective); more hypocritical, most hypocritical
A reference to someone having a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing one's real character or inclinations; especially, with respect to religious and moral beliefs: Since Jack and Jill were not members of the church, it would be completely insincere and hypocritical to have their baby christened.
An insincere statement.
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