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hyperesthesia, hyperaesthesia (high" pur es THEE zhuh; high" pur es THEE zhi uh) (s) (noun); hyperesthesias; hyperaesthesias (pl)
An abnormal sensitivity of the skin or some sense organ: Bill's mother always wraps her face and covers her nose area, wears special underwear that cover her legs and special warm gloves, etc. when she goes out in the winter because she suffers from hyperesthesia.

Edward has a hyperesthesia that causes pain when anyone touches his skin, to such a degree, that he can't even shake hands with anyone without feeling severe pain.

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auditory hyperesthesia (s) (noun), auditory hyperesthesias (pl)
Abnormal acuteness of hearing due to the increased irritability of a sensory neural mechanism: During the recovery process from her accident, Monica seemed to experience auditory hyperesthesia and asked for a quiet room in the hospital.
gustatory hyperesthesia (s) (noun), gustatory hyperesthesias (pl)
An oversensitivity of taste: If a cook has gustatory hyperesthesia, it may impede his or her success as a chef because that person needs to be able to taste the food for the correct amount of seasoning.
tactile hyperesthesia (s) (noun), tactile hyperesthesias (pl)
An abnormal increase or excessive sensitivity when a person is touching or when he or she is touched: "Because of Jim's tactile hyperesthesia, whenever he touches anything it is felt much stronger than normal and also when his skin is touched."
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