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1. Intravenous feeding that provides patients with all essential nutrients when they are unable to feed themselves.
2. A program of parenteral administration of all nutrients for patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction; called also total parenteral alimentation (TPA) and total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

Although the term hyperalimentation is commonly used to designate total or supplemental nutrition by intravenous feedings, it is not technically correct inasmuch as the procedure does not involve an "abnormally increased or excessive amount of feeding".

3. The ingestion, or eating, of excessive quantities of food, etc.; such as, bulimia and binge eating (uncontrolled ingestion of large quantities of food in a given amount of time, often with a sense of lack of control over the activity.

It is sometimes followed by forcing oneself to vomit, or purging through use of laxatives.

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parenternal hyperalimentation
The intravenous administration of greater than the normally optimal amounts of essential nutrients.
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