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(Greek: from gamet[e], "wife" and gamet[es], "husband" [from gamein, "to marry"]; used chiefly as "pertaining to a gamete, a mature reproductive cell")
(Latin: man, manliness, manhood; masculine; husband)
(Latin: pertaining to a husband or marriage; used as a prefix)
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husband (verb), husbands; husbanded; husbanding
1. To manage or to administer carefully and frugally: After her divorce and having a meagre income, Sally husbanded her household as thriftily, prudently, and as economically as possible.
2. To use to the best advantage: Because the area where Tom lived had been completely flooded and the streets were still cut off, all the residents were asked to husband their stocks and provisions.
To manage or to conserve wisely.
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