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cyclone, hurricane, tornado
cyclone (SIGH klohn") (noun)
A storm or wind system that blows in a rapid, circular fashion (clockwise in the southern hemisphere; counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere) and often accompanied by rain: Raquel planned her vacation so she could avoid the season when a cyclone would hit the area where she would be because she didn't enjoy such rain storms.
hurricane (HUR i kayn") (noun)
Typically a tropical storm accompanied by high winds, thunder, lightening, and rain: It took the city years to recover from the damage caused by the hurricane.
tornado (tohr NAY doh) (noun)
A violent windstorm accompanied by a funnel shaped cloud that moves across the land: The radio broadcast warnings about the approaching tornado alerted the people so they could find a place to protect themselves from such a storm.

While Lana was holed up in the tornado shelter, her cousin speculated which would be worse; to be caught in a tornado, a hurricane, or a cyclone because any one of them can cause a great deal of damage.

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hurricane (s) (noun), hurricanes (pl)
1. A very aggressive, violent, tropical storm usually beginning along the equator: "The hurricane that reached Japan and destroyed so much of the coastline originated in the eastern areas of the Pacific Ocean, showing that such horrendous storms don't only start in the Atlantic Ocean or even the Caribbean Sea."
2. A wind at a speed of more than 75 miles (121 kilometers, or 73 knots) per hour: "The velocity of the hurricane last week was measured at 80 mph on the Beaufort scale."
3. A sudden and violent outburst: "The news of the tax rate going up to 30% unleashed a hurricane of violent anger and chaos in the country."
4 Etymology: Spanish huracán; from Taino hurákan; related to Arawak kulakani, "thunder".
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