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hurdle, hurdle, hurtle
hurdle (HUR d'l) (noun)
1. A barrier, an obstacle; a fence in steeplechase racing, a hedge, a wall: The racer cleared the last hurdle and dashed toward the finish line.
2. An obstacle or difficulty, a hindrance, an obstruction: The final exam is the student's last hurdle before graduation.
hurdle (HUR d'l) (verb)
To jump, to spring over, to clear: The horse was able to hurdle the fence and run into the pasture.
hurtle (HUR t'l) (verb)
1. To speed, to rush; to run quickly, to gallop; to go like the wind: The motorcycle was able to hurtle along the road at 200 miles an hour.

Karl could see the car hurtle down the highway with great velocity.

2. To throw forcibly, to fling with great force; to whirl: The quarterback was able to hurtle the football toward the receiver who caught it and ran for a touchdown.

The bicyclist hurtled into the pedestrian with such swiftness that he fell down and sprained his ankle!.

The cross-country runner was faced with many hurdles over which she had to hurdle herself as she attempted to hurtle towards the finish line.