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haunted, haunted, hunted, hunted
haunted (HAWNT'd) (verb)
Inhabited, visited, or appeared to have been in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being: They say that the hotel is haunted by ghosts.
haunted (HAWNT'd) (adjective)
Troubled or upset: Benjamin was a mysterious young man who had a haunted expression on his face.
hunted (HUHNT'd) (verb)
To have chased and killed: The wolves hunted their prey until they were successful in getting their next meal.
hunted (HUHNT'd) (adjective)
Relating usually to wild animals that have been chased and killed: The hunted wolves sought refuge in the forest.

The prince, who had hunted all day and got lost in the forest, suddenly saw the haunted castle in front of him and he later discovered that it was the home of the Sleeping Beauty.