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hoard, hoard, horde, whored
hoard (HORD) (noun)
A cache of supplies often hidden or kept secret: Nathan saw the hoard of chocolate in the cupboard.
hoard (HORD) (verb)
To save, to put by, to acquire, to accumulate, or to keep a secret supply of something: The miser planned to hoard his money.
horde (HORD) (noun)
A restless throng or crowd: The horde of peasants stood before the palace and begged for bread.
whored (HORD) (verb)
Having had illicit sexual intercourse; especially, with a prostitute: Vincent whored with a woman he met at the hotel where he was staying.

The horde of outlaws swept out of town in the morning and rode into the hills where they had hidden a hoard of gold after having whored during the night.