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honorarium (s) (noun), honoraria (pl)
Gratuity or financial gift: "After her speech, the guest lecturer was awarded an honorarium in addition to her travel expenses."

"Honoraria are payments or fees presented for professional services on which no fixed prices were set."

"The term honorarium is a short form of honorarium donum, 'a present made on being admitted to an honor'."

honorarium, stipend
honorarium (ahn" uh RAIR ee uhm) (noun)
The gift of payment for a service in lieu of a specific price for the service: For her speech at the university, the visiting professor was given an honorarium.
stipend (STIGH pend", STIGH puhnd) (noun)
A specified sum of money paid on a periodic basis for services or expenses: Norman received a stipend from his company at the beginning of each year to pay for his housing costs.

Rebekah's contract stated that she would be paid a specific stipend at the end of the year and she was also encouraged to accept an honorarium which the university was offering when she delivered a speech there.