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Homo sapiens
Literally "wise man"; the modern human being, the only extant species of the genus, or family, that also included other species named Homo. Of the family, Hominidae.
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homo sapiens
Man as a rational being.

The genus of mankind as distinct from other animals.

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archaic Homo sapiens
Relating to or being an early form or subspecies of Homo sapiens, anatomically distinct from modern humans.

Neanderthals in Europe and Solo man in Asia are usually classed as archaic humans. According to one model of human evolution, widely separated but interbreeding archaic groups in different parts of the world evolved independently into today's physiologically distinct geographic populations.

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Homo sapiens
Genus and species to which modern humans as well as earlier extinct forms belong.

The first appearance of Homo sapiens may be as early as 400,000 years ago. The term is Latin for "wise man."

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