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hole, holistic, whole
hole (HOHL) (noun)
1. An opening into or through something: Edgar fixed the hole in the roof while his wife fixed the hole in his sock.
2. A situation in which someone, or something, is gone or missing: When Mildred's daughter went to college, it left a big hole in the lives of their parents; in other words, they missed their daughter very much.
holistic (hoh LIS tik) (adjective)
Relating to or concerned with complete, or whole, systems rather than with individual parts: Marge and Danny say school officials need to take a more holistic approach to improving their schools.

Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the whole mind and body.

whole (HOHL) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of something which is full or complete: The whole day, from morning until evening, was spent trying to find a job.
2. Complete or full; not lacking or leaving out any part: The community center offers a whole range of programs.

The whole hole must be considered when using holistic analysis.

holistic (adjective), more holistic, most holistic
1. In medicine, descriptive of the treatment of the whole patient: "The holistic approach by a physician also considers the mental and social factors in additions to the physical symptoms of a disease."
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(Greek: said to be a stem for "all, every, whole", or "complete"; that is, a field of study in biology that refers to the whole set of omics including their -omics and -ome subfields in order to understand life as a holistic existence and organic beings as a whole)