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holey, holy, holly, wholly
holey (HOH lee) (adjective)
Pertaining to something that has an opening, or openings: Nettie's socks were old and they were very holey in the toes and heals.
holy (HOH lee) (adjective)
1. Characterized as worthy of reverence: Maria was a holy woman who inspired worship and reverence from others.
2. Regarding the intensity of a situation: The children's playroom looked like a holy mess!
holly (HAHL ee) (noun)
Any of a variety of shrubs or trees distinguished by leaves that are deep green and spiny: Stanley cut the holly in the forest to use as decorations for the holidays.
wholly (HOH lee, HOHL lee) (adverb)
Entirely, completely: The report is wholly and totally inaccurate.

If a devil is completely sinful then is it possible that an angel is wholly holy?

Say, holy man, in your holey cot, are you wholly pleased with your lowly lot?