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Hindi months; Vikramaditya, Gregorian (Christian) months
cait, janvarı\ (January)
baisa\kh, farvarı\ (February)
jet≥h, ma\rc (March)
asa\r≥h, aprail (April)
sa\van, maı\ (May)
bha\dom{, ju\n (June)
kva\r, julayı\(July)
ka\rttik, agast (August)
ag’han, sitambar (September)
pu\s, aktu\bar (October)
ma\gh, navambar (November)
pha\gun, disambar (December)
—Based on information from
Outline of Hindi Grammar by R.S. McGregor;
Oxford University Press; Delhi, India; 1972.

This entry is located in the following unit: Calendar Names of Days and Months in Different Languages (page 5)