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(Greek: covered, cover; hide, hidden; conceal, concealed)
(Latin: skin; hide, leather; the hide stripped off)
(Latin: the pouch that holds the testes; a purse; probably a variant of scortum, "a skin, hide"; or of scrautum, "a leather bag for holding arrows"; akin to scrupus, "a sharp stone")
(Latin: to hide; hidden; secret)
(Greek > Latin > French: leather, prepared hide, membrane)
(Latin: helmet, helmet shaped, to cover with a helmet; cap; used primarily in zoology and botany with phases of sense development that seem to have been: weasel, weasel's skin or hide, leather, and then a helmet made of leather; by extension, it also means "cat, cats" in some words)
(Latin: specter, witch, mask, nightmare > Italian mascera > French, masque [covering to hide or to protect the face])