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(Greek: covered, cover; hide, hidden; conceal, concealed)
(Latin: to hide; hidden; secret)
(Greek: kryptos, "hidden"; gas)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek, lanthanein, "hidden", "to be concealed"; rare earth)
(Latin: secret, secrecy; hidden, concealed, private)
(Greek: hidden, secret, secrets, secret writing; by extension, applied to secret code or ciphers)
(Latin: secret, hidden, concealed)
(Latin: to lurk; to lie hidden, to be hidden)
(Greek > Latin: lie hidden, secret; forgetfulness, forget, inactive through forgetfulness; also sleepy, drowsy, dull, sluggish)
(a secretly hidden coding that dates back to ancient Greece and is used even in this modern era)
(Greek: covering, covered, to cover; roof; by extension, secret, secret writing, applied to a secret code, codes, or ciphers that are hidden)