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hibernate (verb), hibernates; hibernated; hibernating
1. To spend the part of a year; especially, between autumn and spring, in a status of sleep or in a condition of quiescence: When a mammal hibernates, its breathing is almost imperceptible, and all of the chemical activities of the body go on very slowly, as it uses food that is stored; such as, fat and glycogen which is stored primarily in the liver and broken down into glucose which is a simple sugar that is the primary source of energy when it is needed by the body.

Snapping turtles hibernate deep in the mud at the bottoms of ponds and they stay there until spring comes.

Slugs hibernate by boring into the ground and secrete a mucus mantle around themselves for protection during periods of unfavorable-environmental wintery conditions.

2. To be in a state of inertness resembling sleep during the very cold season while living off the reserves of body fat, with a decrease in body temperature and pulse rate, and slower metabolism: Animals that hibernate include bears, bats; as well as, many amphibians.

3. To become less active; especially, by staying at home rather than going out to socialize: There are some people, including Jake's neighbor Jane, who like hibernating in their houses or apartments with as little contact as possible with other people.

The old man chose to hibernate or to live in seclusion after he retired from his job.

4. To spend the very chilly season in a place with a milder climate: Each winter Susan's friends hibernate in Florida or Hawaii.
5. Etymology: from Latin hibernare, "to winter" and Latin hiems was also related to other "winter" or "snow" words; such as, Greek kheima.

The Himalayas are etymologically the "snowy" mountains.

To pass the winter in a dormant condition.
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hibernating (adjective), more hibernating, most hibernating
1. In a state of suspended animation or inactivity: Hibernating animals spend the winter in some kind of shelter in a dormant condition.
2. A reference to anyone who withdraws or lives in seclusion away from other people: The hibernating man stayed away from any contact with anyone except when it was absolutely necessary.
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(sleeping bears and their physical conditions)
(there are various kinds and conditions of hibernations)
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hibernating spacecraft (s) (noun), hibernating spacecrafts (pl)
An orbiting spacecraft that has its power plant shut down is reactivated only when signaled from ground control: Space experts conserve energy for hibernating spacecrafts instead of leaving the power on all the time.
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To spend the winter in a state of sleep or dormancy. (1)
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Hibernation and Hibernating
There are various kinds and conditions of hibernations unit.