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hiatus (s) (noun), hiatuses (pl)
1. A gap or a large opening or an interruption in space, time, or continuity: The concert series has to take a hiatus because the concert hall burnt down the previous week.
2. A slight pause occurring when two adjacent vowels in consecutive syllables are pronounced, as in "duality": In Voni's English class she learned that the terms "naive" and "cooperate" were two good examples of hiatuses.
3. In anatomy, a separation, aperture, fissure, or short passage in an organ or a body part: The spinal cord passes through the hiatus, a large opening called the foramen magnum, which is located at the base of the cranium.
4. In printing, a space where something is missing; especially, in manuscripts: The scholars detected a hiatus, or a lost passage in the medieval writings which they were trying to transcribe.
5. Etymology: from Latin hiatus, "opening, rupture, gap", from hiare, "to gape, to stand open"; "a break or opening in a material object".
A space where something is missing.
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