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hence, thence
hence (HENS) (adverb)
1. Referring to when something proceeds from a specific time or place; later than the present time: What will life be like a century hence?
2. Concerning why something is, or for a certain reason: Eugene was a newcomer and hence had no close friends at the university.

Leonard couldn't raise enough money; hence, he decided to withdraw from the next election.

thence (THENS) (adverb)
Pertaining to proceeding from a specific place: The village chief ordered that all of the people go thence from their homes to reside in the mountains.

Curtis had moved to a new home, thence from the valley to the city, and hence he needed to find new local services.

Units related to: “hence
(Greek: inclination, slope; the [supposed] slope of the earth from the equator towards the poles; hence, the latitudinal zone of the earth and prevailing weather in a given zone)
(Greek: tissue [web]; beam or warp of a loom; hence, that which is woven; a web or tissue; used in the sense of pertaining to [body] tissue)
(Greek: upraised, high up; in the air; anything raised from the ground, high, lofty; hovering in the air; hence, "heavenly body, atmospheric phenomenon")
(Greek > Latin: "the great river encompassing the whole earth"; hence, the "great Outward Sea" [as opposed to the "Inward" or Mediterranean]; the ocean)
(Latin: thin branches; hence, broom, brush)
(Latin: glasswort, saltwort; hence, sodium carbonate [which may be derived from the ashes of burned glasswort or saltwort])
(Latin: whole; hence, "firm, sound")
(Greek > Latin: that which binds tightly, press together; band, lace; hence, muscle that closes an aperture of the body; a ringlike band of muscle fibers that constricts a passage or closes a natural orifice)
(Greek: coil; [long flowing] hair; hence, "hair, bristle"; spirochetes, coil-shaped microorganisms)
(Greek: upright stake; hence, "rood, cross"; cross-shaped, crosslike, crossed)
(Latin: suavis, "sweet"; suadere, "to advise"; "to make something pleasant to, to present in a pleasing manner"; hence "to recommend, to advise")
(Greek: heaven [s], vault of heaven; hence "the sky"; from Uranus, the god of the sky; in medicine, the palate, roof, or top of the mouth)
(Latin: [little] belly; hence, "a small cavity; especially of the heart or brain")